Using one of Intuit's payroll products saves you time, helps you manage your payroll more accurately and allows you to pay your taxes electronically.

We can set you up with payroll and leave it in your hands, or we’ll divide the payroll tasks with you so that you enter the hours and we do the calculations. However you prefer to run it, the benefits will quickly speak for themselves…

Because payroll is totally integrated into QuickBooks®, collaboration is seamless with payroll figures flowing automatically into your accounts.

It calculates earnings, payroll taxes and deductions so that the generated paychecks can be printed off or emailed out of your payroll or paid by free direct deposit.

Keep your taxes in order

If you prefer the assurance that comes with having us as experts reviewing your tax forms, once QuickBooks® Payroll has calculated taxes like Federal, State and Local Tax, we’ll organize payment for you.

And as it’s all in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your payroll on all devices and rest safe in the knowledge that your payroll data is backed up automatically.

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